It's the weekend! Anybody want to trade or buy frags?

Looking to trade and sell if you have any. Sunday will work, anytime during the day. Send me a PM if your interested!

Lets fill some tanks!
Time is running out! The weekend is almost over, lets trade some frags.....of buy frags!

Some things will be available in a couple weeks (just fragged)

Purple Death Paly

Ready now:

Aussie Duncan
Frog Swawn
Watermellon Zoa
Green Zoa
Lunar Eclips Paly
Frag Farmers Sestosa
and more!

Prices are half of what you would pay online or more.

@Acrodisiac wrote:
I would love to trade but your in FT worth. I'm near Wichita Falls....2hrs NW said:
Do you have any pics of the frog spawn frags? I dont have anything to trade now. How much?




those are some frags and mother colonies. I have more but posting from my phone is rough. Thanks

Thanks alot, there's a lot more too. I even lost 90% of my acropora due to a kalk overdose and my tank still looks full!

On a side note, my dual top off failed...(both switches). But now i have 4 float switches and a RKE to shut things down if that ever starts to happen. Should have done that a long time ago. Live and learn.

Since you joined the club, you get a free head of Frog Spawn, and some other stuff if you can stop by. My only condition is you must be able to take care of it (proper lighting, flow, maintenance) and you must not already have it in your tank.

Thanks again
@Acrodisiac wrote:
Thanks alot said:
I have been wanting some frog spawn. Ya we need to hook up and checkout each others tanks. Would be interested in seeing how your reef keeper works for you. So far i havent had any trouble with my dual float top-off. My tank is all led lighting and i think its fairly bright but i dont have any sps. MAybe you could explain the dosing thing to me sometime. My tank is a 75 gallon reef ready ,octupus extreme 160 pinwheel skimmer. Three korilla powerheads. I do 10 gallons a week water change using reef crystals salt. Salinity stays at 1.026 per my refractometer. My tank is on the rebound and looking better after dosing redslime remover and it messing my whole tank up and killing most of my fish and corals. I have some small chalices that got bleached and some acans that are small and lost colors. Have some zoas that were not happy and still arent but are starting to regrow an begining to open again, some not. My lights went south i was using VHO and had a bad ahir algae problem but thats looking alot better now. Too much info im sure lol.