Homemade Fish-food Recipies!


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Hey guys, i'm posting this question here to see what all of y'alls recipies are, I'd like to try my hand at making my own and have a dedicated blender to do it in so lets hear 'em! Marc, I couldn't find yours in your hidden treasures
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Marc said:

Mine is also loosely based on Marc's. I just made a new batch tonight as a matter of fact.

Found an asian market called T.N.L. Superfood in Irving at 3113 N Beltline, just north of the Irving Mall off 183 that has a seafood mix without the fake crab meat in it. It is not in the freezer section but at the seafood counter with the smelt fish, etc. It was $2.49 a pound. Also, the sell smelt fish and nori for less than what I usually pay at the asain market in Haltom City that Marc also goes to. Nori was only $1.49 and the smelt was only $1.79/lb.
Willis, when you are on the Hidden Treasure page, scroll down to the Foods section. There are 4 articles linked there. Jacob linked you to one of them.
I've been making mine for several years. I base mine on Eric Borneman's recipe, including antioxidants from whole foods, a vitamin supplement (reef complete), cod liver oil and a few other odds & ends. I went to the TNL food store in Irving this weekend and I think they have changed their SF mix; this time it had fake crab & cooked mussel mixed in. I took that out added some real crab, a few scallops & extra shrimp. They did not have any fish roe. If anyone knows who carries that that would be great. Anyway fish love it and it?s so much cheaper :wink: . I might bring some to the next frag swap.
well as of right now, the closest asian markets are in garland.

until they finish building the huge asian market off of legacy and 75 youd probably have to make trips out to garland, which is what i do for when im in need of things.

in garland you can find,
saigon taipei market
2334 W Buckingham Rd # 100
Garland, TX 75042
(972) 487-4064

hong kong market
9780 Walnut St # B
Dallas, TX 75243
(972) 437-9888

hiep thai market
3347 W Walnut St
Garland, TX 75042
(972) 272-1993

troung nguyen
205 Village Plz
Garland, TX 75040
(972) 276-1185

221 Walnut St # 205
Garland, TX 75042
(972) 276-1185

pretty much all the markets are the same size, except for hong kong being the largest.
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There is a big Asian market right in Plano said:
where is this place located? ive been hearing stuff from peeple about there being a asian store in plano, and ive been all through plano but, have never seen one.
Newer store opening up at Legacy and Central... As with others, the name escapes me, but should be a good source...
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Newer store opening up at Legacy and Central... As with others said:
It calls ASIA WORLD MARKET. Locates on West side of 75 and Legacy. Nice building. It is like a strip mall with other restaurant and shops as well.
Here's a video we shot of making fishfood a while back:

Episode 5b - Right Click & Save As to your harddrive.
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Here's a video we shot of making fishfood a while back: [url=http://www.reefcast.com/episodes/DIY_Fish_Food.mpg]Episode 5b[/url] - Right Click & Save As to your harddrive. said:
Could not find it.........also trying to go the internet route it is not finding the link either.
http://www.reefcast.com/episodes/ --- will list all of them. Pick number 5

IMO - Fast forward through the first 12 minutes. Total waste of time.
I think I may try and make some. I wonder if it will make the food processor all nasty? My girl friend has a shinny brand new kitchen aid processor i might use to make some food. And that asian market off legacy is about 1 mile from my house.