Drilling aquarium

Does anyone know of someone who can drill an aquarium for me?  I dont see the need in purchasing all the things needed to do it for just 1 aquarium. Thanks in advance
I am located in Denton so really the two closest places are rift2reef in highland village or DNA.  But I have used HOB overflows before on my large tanks with no issues.
Maybe some of the Denton peeps have the tools you can borrow/rent and give you a hand. Hopefully someone can help.I have never drilled a tank, so I don't have anything either. Hope you find a solution!
Thank you for your replies.  I will now most likely just run it with the HOB overflow as I found out just on the 31st that my significant other is having to relocate to Utah.  I wont be following right away as my son who turns 18 tomorrow needs to finish this semester at school as we are trying to get the help he needs set up since he is Autistic and his mom refused to turn in any of the documentation to his previous school in west texas.  He was diagnosed about 6 years ago.  It will be a year that he has lived with me come 3/1.  Ive been trying to get the documentation from the doctor and they never send it.  
Monitor that HOB overflow diligently. If bubbles start to accumulate in the "U" tube, failure can happen very quickly.
Ive had a few HOB overflows on my larger tanks years ago and always made sure that the sump could hold the water it sent there if a power failure or the tank hold the water from the sump if the syphon broke on the overflow.  But I also had 2 overflows on those larger tanks so it wasnt to worriesomeBut I do appreciate the chime in on the air bubbles.