Benefits and drawbacks of a refugium


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Just throwing this out there for opinions.I've recently set up a new tank 65 display with a trigger systems sump.I've installed the skimmer in the drain section and was about to set up a refugium in the middle section when I stopped and figured I should ask for advise.Should I add sand to this section along with macro? Or should I just put macro in there, or should I skip the refugium all together and use that chamber for reactors and such as there is not much more room in the sump for these?What has and has not worked for you?I'm sure I can search the archives but figured I would start a new topic in the current format of the forum.Thanks in advance.
I would use it as a refugium, but whether or not I put sand in it would depend on what I wanted to grow in there. ?If you just want to grow chaeto and pods then the sand isn't really necessary and it'll be easier to clean without it. ?You can always add some smaller pieces of live rock, too.
I'm planning a refugium as well.? I'm going to use my skimmer pump to fill it.? I'll just let the skimmer pull from the sump and drain into the refugium.? The refugium tank will have an overflow baffle and the overflow will just be connected directly back to the sump.?I have diamond drills and bulkheads on the way to make the sump returns from the refugium tank.? I'm hoping to also grow copepods in the refugium.? I've never been able to keep a Mandarin alive so I have high hopes.I'm doing everything as cheap as possible so I hope that doesn't bite me.? It might as the LEDs I bought might be too cheap.?? I won't tell you the brand because you will probably have a good laugh at my expense.? :)?
You're in Irving? ? I'm pretty local and can probably give you some chaeto when you're ready. ?:)
I have the Refuge built.? I just discovered a small leak in a bulkhead.? I'll install it tomorrow.Anytime after that I can meet you anywhere to get some chaeto.Thanks