Bangii Male carrying eggs


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Just wanted to update that I now also have a pair of Bangii and the Male has the eggs in his mouth as for Wed night when I got home from the meeting. I also have a new set of clown eggs on the rocks. Here are a few pictures of the pair(Thanks Tim and Tonia) and the male has the eggs in there at the time of the pictures.



Very cool. I've been looking for a pair as well. Good luck on the cardinals. Hope you succeed like you have so far on the clowns.

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So yesterday he has eggs in the mouth again (11-11-11) Let?s hope he carries them full term this time.
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Do you plan on raising the clowns again? said:
I am trying to work on on the Banggi and once I am back from vacation I am going to start collecting every one of the clowns I can. I still have a few clowns ready to go as they are all eating frozen and love it.
Whats going on with the cardinal? Is the dad messing up and swallowing them.... Lol, used to see that with first time mouthbrooding cichlids
Yea he keeps them for about three days then GLUP!!!! Gone. I have a Long Spine in there and I also put a fake one in the other day after two day but still gone on day three. I have been trying to feed him heavy once I see she has the eggs and still three days. Funny thing is that when I got them he carried the eggs to babies and then in my tank eats them. I am setting up another tank and going to try and move them over to that one and see if it helps.

By the way I am posting a short video of the clown babies from this morning on the clown breeding is anyone wants to see them.
Woot! Woot! Got home today and guess what.........the female was pushing herself all over the male and he is carrying eggs again!!! Lets see if I can raise a brood of these this time. I thought that they were done but I guess not. It had been over a year since he has carried and I know that they only lay for so many years but looks like I will get one more try out of them.
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I will try and get some tomorrow as he is not showing them in his mouth right now. Jaw is wide though.
Outstanding! Glad to hear your elderly banggais are able to try to have a family again. I'll have my fingers crossed he doesn't eat them again.
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Outstanding! Glad to hear your elderly banggais are able to try to have a family again. I'll have my fingers crossed he doesn't eat them again. said:
Thanks...........He is still holding today...........running to the back corner so I cannot see the eggs yet.

Get home and see the clowns also laid eggs today. [smilie=clapping.gif]
Well they did not make it and I think that was due to not fattening him up prior to the mate. Now that I know they will still lay I am going to be on the look out and fatten him up prior to the dance [smilie=wink.gif]
Nothing yet?

I'm not sure if we gave you the siblings or the parents. We raised about 80 fry and then the male started swallowing them. I do know we had something off in the tank so he may have been stressed. It would be nice to have 2 males to switch out or at least isolate the male for a while.

Good luck