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OK so I'm not totally new to the hobby or DFWMAS but I did take a 10 year hiatus with a coupe of moves and kids in between. My name is Andy and for those old timers still around you may remember me as that guy breeding clown fish and selling them to local members as well as giving them away during our frag swaps and monthly meetings. Anyway, I've missed my tanks and I'm now in the process of setting up a new build. I'll start a separate build thread as it starts to come together but I thought I'd start with a simple poll on some thoughts for new equipment. In particular I've been looking at the various new skimmers on the market and was wondering on the groups opinions. I've especially been looking at the Reef Octopus Regal line and Eshopps. Any thoughts?
Welcome back Andy! Hope to get to meet you at an event soon.Can't wait to see your build thread get started. You going to get into breeding again?I have heard lots of people love their Reef Octopus, I have the Nyos and works, but having issues producing bubbles when turned back on, so wouldn't recommend at this time. Hopefully others will give their input on their skimmers. Never used Eshopps. 
Personally I'm a fan of Deltec.  Unfortunately they are only carried by 2 places in the US.  I also think Tunze makes some great skimmers.
I have a Deltec skimmer. The place I bought it from is called Battlecorals. MarineDepot also carries Deltec.
Posted by: mwilk19 I have a Deltec skimmer. The place I bought it from is called Battlecorals. MarineDepot also carries Deltec. said:
That is where I got mine.  He just recently was able to start selling them again.   Marine Depot worked out a deal with Deltec about a year ago where they were the only ones that could sell them.   Not sure what happened but now Battlecorals is able to sell them again.   I would much rather deal with BC over MD.
Chris,    To answer your question about breeding, at this point probably not anytime soon Right now my focus is more about getting this display tank up and running and sharing a hobby with my daughter. Of course we all know the addiction will set in soon and who knows where that will take us, I'm a big fan of aquaculture and captive bred but I'm not intentionally setting any of that up from the start. Andy