Any suggestions for covering gaps in tank cover


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Hello, I'm looking for suggestions on how to cover some gaps along the back of my tank. My screen top does not extend to the back because of the clamps for my lights (Kessil LEDs on gooseneck clamps). I tried heavy-duty Velcro to hold some plastic canvas over the gaps. That worked for a few months but eventually fell apart as you can see from the photo. Can anyone suggest another fix?  I'm afraid I'm not much of a DIY type. I've thought of using zip ties to attach some leftover screen cover to the existing cover and then draping that over the back with some fishing weights to hold it down, but that seems almost as much of a kluge as my Velcro idea.  View attachment 3344Thanks in advance.
Not sure how big your critters are that may escape or if you want it removeable.Could super glue egg crate or acrylic piece, cut to fit, on top ledge.Or maybe glue 2 long skinny strips of acrylic together in an "L" shape, cut to fit, and then velcro it to the back of the tank. Then you could take them off if needed or leave them without worrying about being attached to the existing screen. 
Thanks, Chris. I like your second suggestion, although the first is probably more in line with my skill set. I've never worked with acrylic before. I have a purple firefish in QT that I'm worried about jumping.  The gaps have actually been there for a while, but it's never been a problem before with my two clownfish and royal gramma (recently deceased, but not by jumping).  The only critter that ever escaped was a snail, and it escaped three times.  I'd find him on the carpet or the side of the stand the next morning, still alive and kicking.  Tough snail!
Your welcome. If you don't think you can cut the acrylic, Marc over at  meleves - might be able to cut and glue it for you, if you are good at getting measurements. Then all you have to do is apply the velcro and install. When measuring make sure to add the thickness of the velcro and piece of acrylic that will be on the back, so your top piece isn't too short :) 
That's a good idea. I got my ATO container, skimmer stand, and overflow cover from Marc, so I know he does great work. Thanks again, Chris.