Acclimating Shrimp and Snails: Good or Bad Advice


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I bought a couple of cleaner shrimp and some snails yesterday, and the employee helping me said that I did not need to drip acclimate them.  The employee said that I could just float them for 15 minutes for temperature and then throw them in.  I did mention that my tank was at the same salinity as theirs, which may have prompted that advice.  Anyway, does anyone acclimate shrimp and snails like this?  (I know Reefcleaners instructs you to acclimate like this, but that's mail order.)  When I got home, I drip acclimated them like I usually do, but I'm wondering if I wasted an hour of my life for no good reason.  
I would do what you normally do for anything you introduce to your tank that way if anything goes wrong you know that should not be the problem. I do same routine no matter what. 
Thanks, everyone.  As I said before, I followed my usual routine and drip acclimated.  I was just wondering (hoping?) whether there was a better way.