Wicked's do-over 65RR Build


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Well, got the 65RR and am in process of getting things built and setup, stand (skeleton) is built, 55 sump/refugium in process of installing baffles, I have high hopes that I will be up and running in about one more weekView attachment 3999
I'll be adding a few choice pieces from the 40 Breeder once I get cycled and get ready to take it down and get things transferred over, but yeah, waters next, then I have an order on the way from Algae Barn for the ultimate refugium starter package.
Well, water has been in now about 4 days, finished getting the salt added last night, I ordered the Kessel H80 arm to use for the fuge but found it completely useless, maybe it can work for some builds just not compatible with what I built (another thing going to the frag swap to sell or trade, lol) so.......pondered the situation and came up with this..View attachment 4178
Well, added some rock from the 40 Breeder to help cycle the tank, decided I wanted to see how the lights looked.....much more impressive over a deeper tank, super stoked about getting things transferred over next week, final aquascape will happen then as I have a couple rocks still to xfer that have featherdusters attached to them.View attachment 4200
thx, my end result differed a lot from what I originally did messing around, I'm hoping for functionality out of the rock placement, guess we'll see, oversizing the stand was a no choice, the 55 sump dictated the size but I like the end result.