Who has what growing?


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An idea came up from Tim that it would be nice to have a single place that mentioned who has what different cultures currently growing. It would provide an easy place for someone needing a starter or rescue culture to go for quick access to those members with it.

So please post here <u>ONLY</u> what you have and the status of it. If you are looking for something start a new thread or PM the individuals listed here. Lets try to keep this to only a listing of what is available, not discussions or requests.

Thanks! Happy culturing and breeding!

If there are enough willing to post what they have and are willilng to share then we can sticky this and have a small coop style setup for cultures.
I'm near Saginaw

At this point I have:
Nannochloropsis (easy) - 4 micron size - non motile - hardy
Tetraselmis (moderate) - 6x8 microns - motile - somewhat hardy
Isocrysis (moderate-difficult) - 5x7 microns - motile - somewhat hardy
'S' strain Rotifers (moderate - because of the food requirements and crashes) - 60-100 microns - motile - fragile

Artemia (brine shrimp) - I usually keep adults I purchase at a LFS and eggs (decapsulated and in the shell)

Breeding possibilities (I'm still experimenting with the cultures, no one is laying eggs at the moment; maybe Lindsey needs to bless them!):
A. Ocellaris

Next up, I'm going to decapsulate my own artemia eggs because I hate the shells.

Old post but thought I would add to it

I have rotifers "l" in two buckets(over 4 months and going strong) going that are producing and change about 4l a day of water/rotifers to main tank.

Have plenty to spread the wealth. If you are wanting to start a culture of your own let me know. We can work something out.
Currently all my food cultures are off line pending a remodel of my garage into a fish room.

I need to get some rotifers started again soon though (again).
I have freshwater cherry shrimp if anyone wants to grow them for live food. Super easy.

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