Where to get diamond bits for drilling


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I need to get a diamond bit to drill my aquarium. I went to home depot and didn't see any. Where can I buy one. I'm looking to put a 1" bulkhead on my sump. Thanks.
eBay is the best place to buy some... The MAS also maintains two sets for members to borrow, I have one set in Rowlett, and DalaiTom has the other set for people on the eastern side of the metroplex...

If you'd rather just buy your own bit(s) though, here's a place to get 'em off eBay:


You'll need to convert from mm to inches, and also keep in mind a 1" bulkhead requires a much larger hole, but you'll need to measure your actual bulkhead to know exactly how big, different bulkheads have different outer diameters, even among the same inner diameters...
I'd like to borrow the set from you if that's ok. I'm trying to finish setting up my 210's sump and refugium and don't want to wait on getting it shipped from ebay. I plan on getting a set from ebay just for future use, but don't want to wait. Let me know. Thanks.

I can pick up tomorrow if that's good for you.
Well, you'd be welcome to borrow 'em, but they're being loaned out to another member tomorrow... The other member is in Plano too though, I'll ask 'em to get in touch with you after they're done, or if you're in more of a hurry, send Dalaitom a PM...
wow from the link you gave those look like pretty good prices on the diamond bits. Seems like they were more expensive several years ago.