What to do with my nano?


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I have the Fluval Evo 13.5 gal and am at a loss of what to do for coral.  There are so many different choices that I have a difficult time deciding.  Let me know what you all would do and where you would put it :)  Right now I have a zoa frag of unknown type, an elegance coral (accidental purchase but I'm loving it, fun to feed too), pulsing xenia (made sure to put it far away so it wont take over the main rock), and a jack o'lantern lepto.Thank you!SharenaView attachment 5991
Good looking tank you got there Sharena, and welcome!I would probably add more zoas around the base, maybe a leather like green toadstool, finger or kenya tree. Definitely some hammer or frogspawn like Grumpyfish suggested.
Know that happy utter chaos zoas can grow pretty quickly, so mount those somewhere you don't mind them filling in.Keep the xenia on its own island in the sand several inches away from everything else.While I love my acros, I'm pretty partial to a lot of LPS.  I really like duncans because they are fun to feed and reasonably priced, but there are tons of LPS options out there.I think every tank should have a couple encrusting montis (sunset, mystic, rainbow to name a few).Time to visit a couple member tanks for ideas, then maybe attend the frag swap next month.
Thank you JC and Chris!!!  And thank you for that info JC, I think I have a perfect place for it then ☺️  Need to trim the plug flat though. Was debating on a Duncan, now I think I shall!! ☺️