What is the MBI?, Submitting Reports, MBI Signature

David Gibson

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The core of the MBI (Marine Breeding Initiative) is a universal Marine Breeders? Award Program (BAP). Learning from freshwater aquarium BAPs and leveraging modern technology, the MBI Council created the MBI as a modern system of documenting, reporting, verifying, scoring, and ranking for breeders. Ultimately, the MBI is an online service available to Marine Aquarium Clubs and online Marine Aquarium Communities anywhere in the world. The MBI Council continually seeks to improve the MBI program by identifying other services and needs that are supportive of the hobbyist breeder.

Quite simply, the MBI is our "Breeders Award Program" for anyone who is propagating fish, inverts or corals sexually.

All you need to do to participate is start a Breeding Journal and document your efforts (including photographs). When you hit a milestone for the first time (i.e. have a spawning, a hatch, settlement, or reach 60 days post settlement) you summarize your success on a MBI Report (you can submit reports by visiting http://www.mbisite.org ). This report is reviewed by the MBI Council, double checked against your journal, and ultimately, points are awarded. The more points, milestones and successful breeding endeavors, the more you move up in the ranks. It's a perpetual competition for bragging rights both on the individual and organizational level. You can even check to see how our site is doing by visiting http://www.mbisite.org/sites.aspx!

Are you are an active MBI participant and want to show off your MBI stats to the world? You can do that! The MBI system includes a signature generator that lets you share your successes with the world. Just edit your profile on the forums. Select the option to change your signature and enter the code below:


You?ll need to replace where it says with your MBI username. Save your signature and you are all set.