Welcome back Reeftopia?


Membership Expired
I signed in just now, and was given this greeting. I am DFW on this site. I would like to post some things as DFW if possible. Can someone please sort this out?
Oh, I see it has posted here as "DFW". Why when I went to my activity page did I see Reeftopia" instead of "DFW"? Oh well.
We are working on this issue, and not sure on the timeline to fix it. It appears the programming is looking at the last member who logged in data before you logged in to generate the message. When this happens to me, I can only see my info so it appears to be a script issue for mapping and not a security issue of allowing others to see your information. We hope to have this fixed soon or at least get it turned off.
I don't guess it matters much since only 2, or 3 are ever using this site at one time. At least that's what it says on the bottom of this page.
This should be corrected now. You may need to clear the cache on your specific browser if you still see this happening.