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[I'm looking for a small Montipora Capricornis frag. 1" in size would be great, a tad larger a blessing. :D Free is always nice, but if you want to sell, let me know how much you'd like. I might have something to trade as well.

[Hey Marc -
I am looking for one also. What color are you looking for? maybe we can buy one and cut it in half.
@Marc wrote:
[Anything that isn't tan/brown! :laugh: Orange said:
[If you get a red or purple, let me know. I'll suck up, I promise. :laugh:

I have a green w/Pink rims (under my light). Got it from the raffle a couple of mnths ago, so I'm not the only one that has it. I had 3 frags. One didn't attach well enough & its fallen. I think I could part with it since I haven't even made it a priority to pick it up the last couple days. If its still ok. If you have nicknacks to trade, that's fine. My tank's young & could use it.

I have an orange foliosa I got as a frag from MACNA. (often called a cap, its the same thing but with much thicker plates). It's about 7" across now, but I'm no where near fragging it yet. It grows like a weed, so maybe soon if you have something good to trade. :)]
[Hey Kevin,

First of all, thank your wife (I ashamed to say I already forgot her name again!) for the Remora. I was going to wait until tomorrow to hook it up, but then I did have to put in that M. Cap frag you gave me. THANKS! :D :D :D

Duane is planning on picking up a pair of mated Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish from me, and they are in a 10g right now. So I had to do a 5 gal waterchange before my son went to sleep, as they are in his room. The water has been doing some very strange stuff, turning green. I did a 5 gal waterchange last week, and seeing the two buckets (new and old) side by side was wierd to say the least. The water tested relatively normal, so I don't get it. I cleaned and replaced the fliters, and put a new airstone in the skimmer section of the Skilter, and tonight I emptied the collection cup. The fluid was BLUE! Anyway.. the fish still live, but Duane needs to get on the ball. Grin

Then I figured I needed to change another 5g in my 29g since everything was already out and wet. ;) Might as well pull off the old CPR skimmer and install the new Remora, right? So I had to remove the old, soak it in vinegar so it's nice and clean for future use, and hook up the new skimmer. Then to my shock I find out my canopy won't fit, because the Remora hangs closer to the tank. (sigh) Off goes the canopy again, and off go the lights as well, so I could take the wooden portion to the garage to run the router across the back to make a 1/2" allowance.

This gave me a chance to clean the reflector and bulbs, and I figured I may was well pull out the powerheads and give them the monthly cleaning. :p

Oh yeah, I superglue gel'd that frag to a small flat heavy rock so I could set it nice up high and know it'll stay in place. The speaker from the December social pointed out that mounted frags grow better because they sense if they are rigidly attached.

Finally, 4 hours later I was done with all of this. LOL And I picked off quite a bit of green hair algae while I was in there, so the skimmer will have an even better chance at helping me erradicate what's left!

Thanks again! :D]
[Ooh, I love the Orange and Red ones. Tell us more... how big is it, is it FREE :p, do you want something in trade....

I got a green one last night that hopefully will settle in happily in my tank after I handled it quite a bit getting it glued to a rock.]
@Marc wrote:
[I hope the frag does well for you. He probably enjoys your tank better than being ignored in the sand in mine. My other ones were doing too well, and he was too much trouble. ;) His pink rim was damaged in the sand though and he lost some color. Hopefully he'll come back ok.

You know, I'm amazed we haven't talked you into a couple of metal hallides yet. Just wait, we'll get you totally submerged into SPS in no time! :laugh:

I need to talk to you soon about a sump and also about raising brine. I really need to put some thought into things before I decide where I'm going with the sump though. I'm moving too slow on building things out the way I want them. ]
I moved this discussion to this forum since it no longer fits under the Buy/Trade area.
[@Kevin Trotman wrote:
Well, let's see what that green m. cap. ends up doing in my tank.

I may eventually dive into the MH club, but for now I'd rather not have to build a whole new canopy. I think with a new tank I'd be more motivated, since both of my existing ones are pretty much fine as is.

We can figure out what type of sump you need when you are ready. I'd love to come visit your home some time and see what you've got growing. And of course you are welcome to visit my humble home as well. :D

My goal is to get the Phyto started, but I've been dragging my feet on that one. I'm sure it'll be pretty easy, as there are a number of people doing it so there is quite a bit of information on it, but I need to start already! And growing brine shrimp might be fun. I tried it once, and didn't do too well. Some hatched but others didn't and I was waiting for the rest and in the process they all died. (rolling eyes) Again, lots of references on doing that can be found as well.]