Trusted and other member types


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I noticed today that I'm now listed as a "Trusted Member". ?While I'm delighted to find out that I'm trustworthy, I'm curious how this came about. ?Is this based on age, post count, phase of the moon? ?Is there a list somewhere telling us what all of these designations mean?
Jose going by your chart there I should be a Noble member as I have over 1300 post. When will all of my post show up?  Right now it is showing I have only made 397 post.   
If you are referring at posts you did in the previous forum; you may not have as much on the new forum as we only transferred hobby related posts.none of the for sale forums will be transferred over and/or sponsor forums; everything else should be there.
Wow, so if I do a search for my post will all of them show up or just the ones on this new site?  
Only the posts that have been transferred are available for I said everything but for sale forurms and sponsors has already been transferred.if you can't find your posts let me know.