Trapping shrimp

[Does anyone know how to catch a coral banded shrimp? I'd rather not buy a trap that I've seen advertised, but hoping someone has made their own or has a technique or two they could share.

[I've always used a net. Of course, how often do you need to catch a CBS? ;)]
[I was just able to get onto RC. The most popular trap is a plastic bottle with the top cut off and glued on upside down. Just bait it and watch them crawl in. I guess they can't crawl out. They say it works for fish. I'll find out today.

Thanks Steve!]
[why are you trying to catch the CBS, if you do not mind me asking?

whenever i need to catch anything in my tank, i do it at night with a real dim flashlight and surprise them. but, since your CBS is probably active at night i would say use some type of frozen food for fish and bait him to come out and attempt to net him or take out the live rock he is on.
My coral banded pretty much eats out of my hand as does my cleaner shrimp.

not sure if this is going to help, but just my opinion.
good luck]
[I didn't have much success with the bottle trap. I caught a bunch of snails, but nothing else. I tried luring him out with a silverside a number of times and netting him, but he was on to me.

I wanted to put him in my refugium so he wouldn't chase the peppermints. The peppermints were easy to catch... they went to the top of the refugium chasing flake food. I just netted them and put them in the main tank for aiptasia control.]