The Washington Reef 75/200 Gal Reef Tanks

Here is a before picture. Notice the center of the aquarium, this is what we removed today.


Here is the over 70 pounds of reef removed from the aquarium.


In this picture you can see some blue mushrooms growing on the rock.


[This should make Ryan happy, Tippie and I finally got it done.]
Using a wheelbarrow to haul away your reef just seems wrong. ;)
I know but it came in handy. I could not believe how strong the reef really was since it was started with very small frags, sticks as Tippie would call them.

I am going to dry it out to kill all the worms and other critters then crush up into small chunks to be placed into my calcium reactor to be re-cycled into a new reef. It should also contain most of the trace elements from years past.

The fish do not know what to do with all the extra space, the reef that I removed took up 1/3 of the space in a 200 gal aquarium. Another big plus is that we now have room to add more corals and fish.
Thinking about adding a new LED light on our 75 gal to replace the current T5 fixture. The bulbs are do for replacement and rather that spend the money for new ones just put it into a new LED light. This is the one I am currently looking at; AQUAMANA AQ LED-100x3W Dimmable 300W Full Spectrum LED Aquarium Light Panel for Reef, Coral & Fish.
The time has come to downsize our aquariums. We currently have a 200 gal reef tank with a 24 gal frag tank attached, sharing the same sump. In addition we have a 75 gal mixed reef tank with soft corals. We also plan on adding more fish and corals to the 200 gal as well as updating the LED lighting in the coming year.

We have started tearing down the 75 and moving the fish and corals to the 200 gallon system. We have not decided yet what to do with the actual aquarium. We may want to convert to a fresh water system at some point.
All the live stock has been moved to the 200 gallon aquarium and the water drained. I have also updated the programming on the Apex controller to the new situation.
The 75 gallon has now been completely taken down. Now we have to decide what to do with it. May setup a fresh water aquarium or a planted terrarium but have not made a final decision yet.
Just installed a new Dart return pump after the seals started leaking on the old one. Heading to Colorado Springs this week for Thanksgiving and thinking about taking the old pump with since that is where they are made. They have a service that will refer-bush Dart pumps. Could drop off and have them ship it back.
It's there, we lost many of the corals but the fish are doing great. Our large chiller went out after 11 years of service. I am currently using the one that was one our 75 gal tank but will have to get a larger one by spring that can handle a 200 gal aquarium.
Sorry to hear about the corals, were you able to pin down an isuue? Glad the fish are doing well!

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I think you are spending too much time at the Nissan events and not enough time at DFWMAS events. None the less, when are you and Tippy going to come by the new house?