TAttel's 40 Gal Shallow Rimless Build


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Ok after almost a year of postponing my upgrade build I am diving right in.

Current tank: 34gal Solana

New tank: 32X24X12 rimless purchased from dfwmas member with a 20 gal sump/refugium

I consider this an upgrade of sorts and all of this is new to me so here it goes!!!
OK a couple picks of old stand (also I was given an incentive to do my upgrade so my wife could stop looking at this on our back porch):
I first needed to get my Macgyver father to help me build the stand. I got to use all my resources to get this done.

We built the frame first:
Here is the rough finish. I used white pine which I got a couple 4 x 8 sheets real cheap $20.00
I painted the inside with a high quality white ceiling paint I had leftover from a bath renovation. It has mold agent mixed in I will then polyurethene the inside to seal it further. The 2X4s in the middle will hold a shelf for sump BTW
Now painted and ready to stain. My stain of choice is Old Masters gel stain (Vintage Burgandy). I love this stuff and have used it for alot of other wood projects just super great stuff. I went dark and had to go real dark because of the pine. My next plan is to polyurethene with a high gloss to make it pop.
As I side note can anyone tell me if I should freshwater dip my clam? I can never tell [smilie=wink.gif]
can anyone tell me which is the better silicone to use for the sump? I guess which one is better for adhering plexi baffles to the glass alhough I may just cut glass baffles anyway. Bllue or red?
Hardwood Lumber Co of Dallas. My Dad has been using them for years for all of his and my wood projects. The owners name is Wright and they got some great wood. We got 2----4 X 8 sheets for $20 and I want to say they were 1/4in that basically they have had on hand for a while.

Of course some of the other more expensive sheets looked awesome but put a dark stain on it and spend $$ elsewhere. The grain still looks great to me anyway.
Regarding the silicone get the one that does NOT have mold protection. If you are using the GE product it should be version 1 NOT 2, since it has mold inhibitor (contains cyanide)
I also have one side that is a false wall that i will be able to open up and have another angle at the sump etc. Although it sounds like an original plan I actually had to do it when i realized I could not get the 20gal into the front opening....oops
Moving on to the 20gal sump. I plan on having the drain to the right with the Reef Octo 110 skimmer moving right to left a bubble trap with the refugium middle and then vbased on a Melev design a simple pony wall and egg crate seperatin for the return pump Eheim 2000 compact. I think the back I will put the electrical using something like what was talked about at the May meeting like racks.
Here is my start of the aquascape using reefsaverrock. I will also use some of my existing rock as I go
Ok well it has been a while aside from family trips and work I have not had time to record my build process but, I skipped most of the boring parts