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Hello,I'm sure you guys are going through all kinds of processes with forum software update. ?I just wanted to see if the forum will still plan to have tapatalk support? ?Thanks!?-Ty
That is a great question.Currently there are no plans to allow the use of Tapatalk; the forum is responsive and ready for mobile devices so there is no need for it.?
I would also like to use Tapatalk. Tapatalk allows me access to multiple forums, not all reef related, in one place. More importantly to me, is using the dark mode (black screen/white font) on tapatalk so my phone/tablet battery is not drained so quickly. Add in familiarity with Tapatalk and then are several reasons someone may prefer to use it. So my point is it's not just about the site being mobile friendly.?Thanks?
Agreed fully. ?If it is free to add tapatalk support, why not? ?It would just increase your exposure for the forum.Tapatalk allows you to host pictures automatically so that you aren't bound to the 10mb restriction of the site. ?I just tried to upload a picture and it said it exceeded the file size upload. ?I honestly will not be taking the time to resize pictures before uploading. ?I'm not saying it as a complaint, just mentioning that if it isn't convenient to upload pictures, my natural inclination is to not do them. ?I hope you guys reconsider.
Thank you for your feedback.I will discuss with the BOD and open to members for suggestions in the matter; On every single meeting I have attended people are euphoric to ask me to not use tapatalk in the new site as it is frustrating for most members to get a pop up message every time they get in to the website.Tapatalk is not free to the association.
I'll be honest this is probably the worse possible choice for a forum for this group. ?Its very hard to navigate, its very limited, and why in the world would you take tapatalk away... When and why where these decisions made?I think the only reason i'll be visiting this it to see when we get a real forum software loaded and actually do a migration of data....
Posted by: Jdub_17?I'll be honest this is probably the worse possible choice for a forum for this group. ?Its very hard to navigate said:
As I mentioned in my?previous post; multiple members have requested to remove tapatalk from the new forum system.?This decision was merely based on general request; I haven't gotten until now the few members in this topic requesting for tapatalk back.We can set this matter to vote on a poll and have our members decide what they would like to have.I personally use Tapatalk so I have no issue with it; most users don't like the constant harassment from the messages asking to open Tapatalk every?time they go to the website.If you wish to have a specific forum transferred to the new site from the old?please let us know; we are not against migration, yet not all the forums are relevant to the hobby and we would like your opinion on what you would like to carry over.We will provide ample time for our members to help us decide which forums are good to carry over versus keep in the archive.To access the archive please click on the archive button located in the top menu under Forum.If you have topics started by you; you can carry over the posts by copy paste.Thank you for the feedback!?
Gosh I'm super bummed about the decision to remove Tapatalk. ? I sure hope we can rally some support to reverse this call. ?Maybe somebody can figure out one of those poling things I see on other forum post? ?Heck here's an idea, ?maybe all DFWMAS issues can be voted on via this structure. ? You could make the online part weighted at 49% ?vs, ?51% for the meeting attendees to still encourage folks to attend the meetings.?I really enjoyed being able to read and keep tabs on all of my interests in one place. ?Looks like I'll be spending more time over at reefcentral and reef2reef. ? Thing I liked about DFWMAS was it was all local people. ?I'd bet the folks annoyed about the Tapatalk pop up never tried the service. ? I know I hated that stupid pop up before I finally checked it out. ?Kinda feels like not having it now is like having an iPhone and being forced to go back to non-smartphone:/Hey switching over to this new websight is ?probably a lot tougher than we think on the technical side. ? Let's just give the folks working on it a little time to work out the kinks. ??Just my 2centsHappy Holidays everyone:)??
Posted by: GraviT?[quote="Posted by: Jose?That is a great question.Currently there are no plans to allow the use of Tapatalk; the forum is responsive and ready for mobile devices so there is no need for it.?I'm having some odd quirks when using this forum on my iPad and would also like to see Tapatalk integration be restored. ? ? said:
? ?"]I found a way to prevent the?annoying pop up message from showing; I'm beta testing if it works I will be enabling Tapatalk in the forum soon; honestly every single person I see at the events and meetings asked me to not include Tapatalk they were euphoric about it, since most people don't really voice their opinions I have no way of knowing I'm the only geek that enjoys it.I will keep you posted; if I don't find any issues with it after removing the classes that launch the instance for the pop up message then we are back in business with it.Fortunately Tapatalk has no issue of using such approach but I won't release it without testing.
Posted by: FarmerTy?Agreed fully. ?If it is free to add tapatalk support said:
I am right there with you. Tapatalk is my goto phone app for all the forums...and I ?like the notifications to the threads I subscribed to without having to check email for notifications. Plus, it will save us storage space since it uploads and resizes pics to their space instead of ours. I also don't browse many websites on my phone unless in a pinch and use apps. Just a very convenient app IMO. For those that dont like Tapatalk or how it works...well...just don't use it lol.+1 on a vote to add Tapatalk support to new site.
I would also like to add my support for Tapatalk. I do like this community and will continue to participate regardless, but I prefer to use Tapatalk for the forums. My experience has been positive when using Tapatalk. I can search effectively, follow threads, post/quote, and communicate with other forum members. So far, my experience with the new forum, while it is a responsive design, has been challenging and frustrating. I'm sure I will get used to it. However, I don't see that the design is any better than the Tapatalk UI.?On a positive note, the new responsive UI makes it easier to read threads. ?That is good!Just my my two cents.?
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Add my name to the side that wants support for Tapatalk.I preferred using Chrome on my phone and tablet for viewing the old forums directly over using Tapatalk, but I find the new forums very awkward when viewed on Chrome on my mobile devices, so I will have to try Tapatalk again if support is added.
Even if we just did the free version to have support back, would be nice. Maybe we try it and see how it goes? Maybe a poll is in order :p ?https://www.tapatalk.com/start-here.php?