T5 ballast wiring issue


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So Chris Tate and I were wiring the 2 ballasts that I have for my T5 canopy and we came across some issues. The first ballast that we wired, worked after a little coxing, but the 2nd one wouldn't work even after we switched some wiring around.

Does anyone have any tips to wiring the ballasts to fire 100% of the time?

The 2nd ballast might be blown, so that could be an issue, but I have a feeling it is our wiring scheme. The schematic on the ballast is pretty tough to decipher.

I have 2 more ballasts to wire tonight so any tips would be nice.
Make sure you have all bulbs in and installed properly. If you are missing a bulb, or one isn't in right, then the ballast wont fire them properly.
not sure if you did this but try the ballast in question on the circuits where the other ballasts were able to light the bulbs. this will rule out any wiring/endcap issues.
That was the thought tonight. I got 2 more ballasts in today and I'm going to try and rule out a faulty ballast.

I took the 2 bulbs off and re-seated them so I don't think that is an issue.
@chrisrush wrote:
I have Triad T5 HO Fluorescent Ballast: 2-24W/39W and the bulbs are 24w each (24"). said:

Look at diagram 37
Thanks everyone for the help. Turns out it is a faulty ballast. I plugged in 2 others and both of them worked, and I plugged in the faulty ballast into a line that I know works, and it didn't work. Time to call Reefgeek and get a new ballast.