Stocking My Red Reefer 170

Do you have any fish that you love and have to have? Could start there and then see what will be compatible and which to add first, if your starting a list :)
If u like tangs. I love the powder blue tang and the Achilles tang.  The Sohal tang and Marcs Naso tang. I dont know witch one it is but I like his.  
I hate to be the tang police, but I'm going to step in and do so.  Tangs, particularly a Sohal or Regal, but really any tang, have no business being in a RSR 170 (34 gallon).I could see a tomini, if purchased *very* small and with a large addition of nori on a daily basis making it 1-2 years before outgrowing that tank.  Mind you it will be cramped the entire time, and will likely be a bit on the stunted side at the end of those two years.A Sohal is often murderous in a 210 gallon tank (I've seen it), and that's when they are well behaved.  They, and regals, and really most of the long body and larger tangs need to swim a ton.  My desjardini is ~4 years old, has been bigger than my hand for a while, and was clearly cramped in my 5' 170 gallon display.I got a small naso (guessing 3 inches at most) at the end of October, in typical recently imported thin condition.  He (or so I hope) is already an inch larger, and plump, I expect he'll put on another inch or two in the next year.On a more positive note, there are plenty of cool fish that fit in a nano.  Many wrasses will do nicely (some are jumpers, consider a thin glass lid if your species is known for it).  The common pair of clowns would do nicely, the really do have great personality.I'm not personally a fan of cardinals, but they do well in that space.If you're on top of feeding a coral beauty might do well (coral nipping risk, but a high success rate).  Other dwarf angels are a solid maybe.Many gobies, blennies, pseudochromis, and hawkfish will do well.I would avoid dragonets no matter how badly you may want one.  I would also avoid chromis and damsels for behavioral reasons.Royal gramma.
 My bad guys I saw 170 and just assumed it was 170 gallon tank. Maybe I shouldn't post after 2AM anymore lol. Im sorry I really should of payed more attention before I posted. I do agree with jccaclimber a 34 gallon is not big enough for tangs.  I myself wont put any tang in a small tank as they do love to swim.  Go to the LFSs there and look around they might have something u just have to have. You dont have to do the norm either you could try something totally different. I was in a LFS there years ago off of coit rd I think it was. They had a peacock mantis shrimp and it was so kool I just had to have it. I tried to not get it but it kept watching me as I walked about and I mean it watched me. His eyes were so kool. I stopped and watched it back for a few minutes and when we got home I had to set up a new tank. We all like him. He was great. We had him a long time.  Not saying you should get one but you never know what is out there that u will fall for. Now days we have our cell phones so we can do on the spot research witch is great. We can now see if we can or cannot get something.  A watchman goby and a pistol shrimp would be kool I think. I would like to have a blue dot jawfish myself. Well good luck finding what u want.