some eye candy!

Two head frag sold on Ebay recently for $810
the one on the right is a Sexy corals private piece,this was a frag cut for one of his high roller customers I acquired it in an emergency tank break down. I highly doubt it will ever be sold again, on the left is the Cornbread rainbow crush.
here are some updated pics[attachment=0]IMG_20130919_100034.jpg[/attachment][attachment=1]IMG_20130919_095852.jpg[/attachment][attachment=2]IMG_20130915_123553-1.jpg[/attachment]
wouldn't you know. I post pictures of the updates, and they fall on top of my acans.... [smilie=angry.gif] [smilie=crying.gif]
and this is what i got off work to see...

talk about making a grown man cry. I'm just hoping that it dose not recess to nothing...
thanks for all the kind words guys, as of now they do not seem to be recessing any further. now its just a waiting game to regrow everything again sucks because I know the blue on the cherry sour will not come back.