snails secreting


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I've had my 20 gallon reef tank for about a year. It's never had fish, just live rock, a hermit crab, and a couple of snails. Today, I put my first fish into the tank. It's a domino damsel. After I put the damsel into the tank, my two snails climbed to the highest piece of rock they could find and started squirting a white milky fluid into the water every 20 seconds or so. The snails are round with white and black muddled splotches on the shell. Are they poisoning my tank? Any ideas?
I was worried there for a minute. Thanks for the reply. But why would they start doing it just after adding the damsel into the tank? And they've been secreting for over an hour or so.
Probably randomness, they tend to do stuff like that after water changes to though so changes tend to spark this activity. It's not a bad thing!
They are exhibitionists ;) They wanted an audience for spawning. My trochus do that now an again. In my old tank, I didn't have to replace any snails, they reproduced and hatched etc in the tank. I actually gave away a fair number of the smaller ones to friends as it was getting over crowded.