Slim canopy


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Good Morning everyone,
I am looking to install 6 x 24w T5s over my new 60g cube and I had a request. If anyone has any pictures of slim canopies, either a floating type or suspended, I'd like to see them. I'm thinking about retro fitting the 6 T5s into a small 4" tall wood canopy, but the tank will be open top and rimless so I don't want to distract from that. Any ideas or pictures would be great. I'm talking with my stand builder this week, so I'd like to give him a rough idea before then.

Well, you better let me know if you come up with anything so that I can copy it as well.

Had a small set back on my tank, the silicone wasn't curing properly, so David decided to redo it. Better safe than sorry.
I think a 4inch frame with a quarter round routed edge would look great. Use some metal angle iron or tube to fab up a mount that will secure to the wall behind the canopy (you will not have any floating wires and from the front the canopy will look suspended) that have hinges on them so you can simply lift the hood up and lower it whenever you need tank access.
you may want to hang the canopy against the back wall using a french cleat...
Thanks John. That's a perfect solution. I didn't want to drill into the wall, but at least it's only 2 screws and not a whole mess of screws.

Now I just need to design the hood part. Time to order some SLRs.
what type of ballasts are you going to run? still going with the dimmable t5's...
That's the current thought. If I can find some T5 ballasts that come in 24w and aren't $140 a piece, I'll snatch them up quick.

I have thought about running my 150w MH with 4 T5s, but I'm not sure if I'll do that or not.

Too many options.