Setting up new 100g tank - Need opinions on sumps, skimmers, lights

[And there you have it. I am about to replace my return pumps with one of the pumps from Harbor Freight since the mag 24 is shot. I will use one return pump for both tanks and then use my mag 9.5 for a closed loop on the 100g. I am also adding a kent float valve to the sump that will be gravity with top off water from a 20g rubbermaid sitting on the kitchen counter behind the tanks.]
[It looks really nice Jacob. I feel the jury it out on those pumps, so please post your feelings about it. I think a Mag 24 is massive overkill for most any tank at all, and that you could have found something better suited for your needs.]
[Yeah, if the Mag 24 was shot was considering having it return to both tanks and then using the Mag 9.5 for the closed loop on the 100g. But since it is shot I will use the new pump to return to the 2 tanks.]
[That last post should have said if the Mag 24 was NOT shot.

Tomorrow, in addition to the pc lighting for the 50g, I should be adding a 10" ritteri anemone to the 50g for my perc pair and 6 schooling green chromis. I can't wait to watch.]