Setting up and stocking a 46g bowfront

I will be picking the aquarium up on the first.Here is what is coming with it:Tank, stand, HOB overflow 10g sump, sicce xs500 pump, 2 AI Prime, SCA 301 skimmer, DC 4000 return pump and controller, about 40lbs of dead after this is setup and cycled what do yall recommend for livestock and corals based upon the above? I have owned large saltwater aquariums before for years.  
So will the return pump and the single sicce pump be enough flow for the tank to have LPS and some sps?  Also what about the lights for growth on keeping the coral.  They are not the HD version.  Ive never ran LEDS before.  Strictly T5.


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Sounds like you should be good with that equipment. Get it setup an cycling and see how the flow looks. You may need to add another small power-head towards the top area, for some more flow and surface agitation. You could stock that with some smaller fish like a pair of clowns, flame angel, smaller tangs like a yellow or purple. Don't forget your cleanup crew, a few snails and hermits. Get your fish in there and get your maintenance routine down and established for stability. Then maybe add a few small frags and see how they do with your flow and lighting. Let us know how it goes and post some pics once you get it up and going :)
Once it was delivered yesterday it also included two brs dosing pumps and an extra 10g tank(i will use for ato eventually). Oh and the internal Sicce PH is acutally rated at 1250gph flow rate.  I think I put the wrong number before.The individual I bought it from had it up and running for over 4 years and kept lps and sps.  But time will tell.  Will get to figuring out how to set up the dosing pumps, an actual dc controllable return pump( never had either before on my Large tanks).