sedra vs. other needle wheel pumps.


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I last posted asking the difference between the g4 and g4+ asm skimmers. I've done some reading and the pump that normally comes with these skimmers is a sedra. However, searching on other forums, the users have said that they do not like the sedra pumps because they do not pull enough air. Does anyone have a suggestion for another brand of skimmer pump, preferably a needle wheel pump or a pump that can be modded to be a needle wheel? Thanks.
it all depends on how much you want to spend...

you might be able to drill a new another air intake too
I have a nautilus te and it came with a sedra. It doesn't have a needle wheel impeller. Is there a way to just buy a needle wheel that fits it so i can mesh it?
yes, just do a search on the sedra model that you have and you'll pull up several different online sites that offer the needle wheel impeller by itself. They also offer the venturi adapter.
My sedra 9000 will be here any minute. Just waiting on UPS. I may end up doing some mods to it if it doesn't perform up to my expectations.