Search Not Functional


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Hey, looks like the search button somehow got broken.  When i click the magnifying glass it makes everything below grey out but no form for search comes up.  I can actually still click any of the links This is on google chrome.  I work in software so i was tempted to open up the inspector and see if i could fix it but thats slightly too much work...
I tried this in Chrome, Edge, IE, and Firefox and it appears to be working ok for me. The one thing I noticed is that the search function does not work unless you are logged in. I observered the behavior you talked about on all browsers when I was not logged in. Please verify you are logged in and try again.Also, try clearing your cache and cookies in Chrome to see if it fixes the issue on your computer. Let me know what you find :)<ol>[*]On your computer, open Chrome .[*]At the top right, click More .[*]Click More tools Clear browsing  data.[*]At the top, choose a time range. To delete  everything, select All time.[*]Next to "Cookies  and other site data" and "Cached  images and files," check the boxes.[*]Click Clear  data.</ol>