Ren's 40gal Breeder

As everyone knows, I sold my 100gal system due to us relocating to a much smaller house. I traded my skimmer with FPerkins to get the 30gal DSA rimless tank. However, it's been a slow movement to getting that system up and going.

Then, I just had to go and break my ankle! Which was a huge a bummer. So, I've been out of my casting/walking boot for little bit now. Doc says I'm back to normal, but will take up to a full year for me to heal 100%.

Hearing such good news, I just knew I had to get back into the hobby. So, an opportunity presented itself when DaveG99 decided to sell his 40g breeder. I took it off his hands!

Needless to say that move was a lot of fun. We got everything emptied out of the tank, was in the process of cleaning it and Dave noticed it was cracked on the bottom. Talk about devastating. A frantic search to find another tank had ensued. We called around to several different locations to find one, finally found one but they wanted an arm and a leg. Petsmart @ $109.99, had to go get it. Had to find out who had the bits for the club ... learned Mark had them. Then we had to drive all the way out to BFE Mesquite () to get the drill bits. Admired Mark's tank some .. and off to Plano we went. We stopped at Lowes to get a portal drill press to help keep the circles 100% straight down and no wiggle room, just to learn they did not have it by some grumpy old man, that said "NO, WE DON'T HAVE THEM." when asked. Then we decided, hey maybe .. just maybe Home Depot will have them. Sure enough they did have the drill press. YAY!

Obasticle #2 - was down one bulkhead, because I went small this time than the original bulkhead to ensure no tank cracking under the overflow! I had to wait all night long, just to get to Aquatic Design the next day to purchase a bulkhead.

Everything was sitting in my "temporary holding system" for 2 days [it's a good thing I still had my 30 gal long sump/fuge -- everything was jammed into that little thing :)]. Cause I ran new water, didn't use any old. Used new sand (caribsea sand), and the rock is Dave's. So, mixed water up and off we went.

Here are some photos of the system now that most of the corals are in there. Fuzzball has some of my corals, so I can't wait to get my hands on them.



I also have some growth pictures of one of the acans I got in a group buy from ReefKingdom this past spring. This photo is shortly after I got it.

When I was having some nitrate issues in the 100gal, I took the acan over to JoelQ's house to be babysat. His lighting was different than mine, as he was running all T5's .. but this is what I have now!
@Nemo_Niblets wrote:
Oh man... I wanted that 40 breeder!! :D Looks fantastic. I'm glad you got through all of those troubles. said:
Thanks for all the kind words. At some point, I may end up selling it when I get the 30gal rimless DSA tank up and going .. but not too sure on that though.

Yea, made it through the troubles and everything is doing well. I have some pickling lime dripping into the top off area, so it gets good and mixed up with the return pump.

Not bad photos for a google phone eh?
I wanted to just try and get some individual photos of the corals in the system and try to show them off. The photos are not the greatest, as I am just using my phone. I'm hopefully going to be getting a really nice D-SLR here soon, maybe for christmas. Check out some of the polyp extention, I was able to capture with my phone ... (T-Mobile's myTouch 3G)

Anyways -- here are some photos for you to enjoy :).

This is Lenny -- he's a new edition to the tank as of today. As you can see I am going through an algae bloom, but here he is just chilling!

When I was out shopping, I couldn't help but pick this guy up! Tell me whatcha think about him!!!! He's a black and purple looking tube worm.

My duncan and another SPS (the duncan started out as a single head, now has close to 20 on it)

Some Japanese Deep Sea Zoa's (top right) and some other Zoa's:

Another Aussie Acan (believe it is Slithering Snake Eyes) and some Zoo's:

Some new Zoa's from Dallas CFM:

Sunset zoa's, some pally's and an SPS (can't think of the name off the top of my head):

Blue Tip Tenius and unknown SPS (can't think of the name, gotta look it up in my book) along with some Zoa's with some funky tube algae growing on it:

Lastly ... the red acan I got from Reefkingdom ...
I went to reefpets today and was able to get my hands on some nice looking stuff.

New addition is in the center of hte photo --- still coloring up and adjusting to my tank.

I also go the green favia showing there, but it's not a great photo. I'll try for another one. There is also another pic of the new addition from above as well.

Was told this is a digita (according to the receipt but don't think it is as it doesn't look like one.. anyone have an idea?

Gorgeous acan:

My wife loves zoa's, so she picked out some ...

The news are the ones just to the left of the ricordia/yum with the green centers:
The montipora is definately not a digitata, and if I had to guess it looks like someone vertically mounted a montipora Danae. It's hard to tell until it gets bigger.
@blakemeadows wrote:
The montipora is definately not a digitata said:
it's either a light green/or yellow color with purple polyps. I've tried id'ing it.. but haven't had much success? :(
it is an encrusting monti. it is a slight variation of an appleberry monti
Sweet.... know where i can find the name for it??? I've been trying to keep a log of all the stuff so I can see the growth patterns over months :)
Monti Palawenensis I believe is the type of moni that it is. Very nice tank, you did a good job on the aquascaping. I am a big fan of the 40 breeder. I have one and I love it.
Will you post more pics of the whole setup? I am interested in seeing how you set up your sump.
I need to take more pictures and update my tank build thread.
Today after I fed, I thought I'd get some photos from the top down onto the tank. It doesn't do it much justice, but here it is anyways.

Duncan .. after being target fed (along with some other corals in there):







@Jay-Roc wrote:
Monti Palawenensis I believe is the type of moni that it is. Very nice tank said:
Here are some of the photos of the set up you were asking for:

Where my ballasts are attached above any water. That's my MH ballast (black) the small white on the left of the ballast is the T5 Icecap ballast. I just have the light for the fuge attached to a piece of 2x4 that I am able to move if I need to get it out, as I don't trust the clamp on the light to stay attached. I don't want any electrocutions going on in my system :). I will change how this iset up in the future though.

Here's a picture of the return section in the sump. You can see where it is that I have my drip for my pickling lime coming in (that will be moved to my skimmer section tomorrow! (green little airline controller).

Here is the "fuge" section of my sump. I don't have any sand in there at the moment, dont think I will have any either as the baffles are drilled with wholes to allow the water to pass through to the return section :). The white PVC pip that you see that drops in next to the sensors for the auto-top off is the piping for the top off. It drains right in there at a nice pace. (Sorry, I have no photos of the plumbing for that)

Here is the skimmer section of the sump. I also have the heater in there as it was a good spot for it to go in there and it stays against the wall thanks to a suction cup :)

I have a fan attached, for any temp issues that I may have. I have my house set at 69 degrees. I have my heater set at 71 degrees. Between the heat from the lamp in the fuge section (at night) and the MH's during the day .. I am able to keep my temperature stable with the fan on. My temp stays between 78.5-80.5. My fan is almost always on :)
alt="4167783625_5264172345.jpg" class="bbcode_img" />

Here's a photo of the entire underneath of the tank :)

One with the doors open to both the top off unit (orange bucket) and the sump area.

With the doors closed. I will building a box and painting it black to go with the stand to cover the DJ Power Supply. On the far right of the photo you can see the container for the "drip" of pickling lime.

Here are my Vortech and JBJ Auto Top-Off units, mounted with some velcro to the side of the stand.
I remember his build. we had almost the exact same tank lol. I think I posted a pic of mine on there to show him how similar they were .
So, I got my first set of CUC in the tank. Everyone is still working on getting acclimated and coming out of their shells so to speak.

Anyways -- I stopped by Hook's house to get my clown fish. The wife named her Elvyria (she's gotten darker as she ages).

Here are two different videos (sorry for the quality as it was taken on my phone):

40 Gal (corals only):


Elvyria the clown:

Been a few days since the last update.

I went today and traded in my sump at Neptune's. I got myself a credit and then decided to go ahead and get some fish food for the clown and some extra for Lenny. While I was there, I had this gorgeous Midas Blenny grab my attention. I had to go for her. She/he was so cute hiding in her little cove in the tank. I couldn't resist .. so I pulled the trigger! This is not the best picture of her .. I will work on getting another one.

Meet Bashful .. the midas blenny... (she's got her sleeping colors showing here)

A friend of mine came over with her Nikon D-SLR. I thought I'd get some photos from her camera. I am not the best photographer when it comes to corals. She forgot her macro lense.

Here's are some photos:









Full Tank Shot: