Red Sea Reefer Nano Build

Hey everyone, here's an update on what's been going on with the nano build lately:

First off, thanks again for all the comments about the hazards of topping off via the rodi directly. As of now I'm topping off daily by just turning on/off the water manually. I can't decide whether to just add another solenoid valve for safety or just move to a pump ato system. I still have time to make this decision since I haven't put any corals in yet.

However, the tank is now cycled and everything is running well. I went ahead and ordered a bonded pair of ORA Picasso clownfish and they just came in today!



I'm going to let the tank settle in with these new guys for a couple of weeks, then I'll get a CUC. After that my plan is to add a possom wrasse. I'll then leave the tank alone for a while to get really stable before I start adding the SPS.