Re-Aquascaped ... Opinions

So, I took some advice from folks over at the other thread that I started and made some changes. I like it quite a bit, but thought I'd throw it out there for some opinions :).

Now please ignore all the frags and where all of them are for the most part, some of them are not in their final resting place. I came down with a severe cough and haven't had my hands in the tank to finish placing everything. A majority of the stuff on the sand bed is for sale and is going for the frag swap in April in the DFW area.

Also, not the cleanliest at the moment, cause my skimmer is adjusting to the new rock, so it's just running but not pulling junk out as it is going nuts!

Here's a side view from the right side.. as best as I could get:


Front Right Side:

Front Center:

Front Left:

Side Left:

Full Tank Shot with MH's on:
I think it looks great. Good for SPS, especially. It'll look good when the monti caps grow in. I just think that the red monti cap on the right side should go a little lower :)
I think it looks great. I'm a fan on the separate island setup. I think you're going to be able to mount your frags at some cool angles. I just arranged my rock into two large islands about a month ago and I'm loving it. I'm just not loving that huge open archway, maybe a couple of rocks in the back to make it look more like a cave.