Raising rotifers


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Is it ok to have a small powerhead in the rotifer tank? A lot of the phytoplankton sinks to the bottom, and stays there, and I want to keep it in suspension. This tank has a 15" X 12" footprint. Any ideas on how to keep the phyto mixed in will be appreciated.
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If you have rotis in there, are you sure it phyto thats on the bottom? Rotifer cultures produce waste that lines the bottom and sides every day and must be cleaned every day. But yes, you have to keep them suspended and aerated.

Roti cultures do not work well in glass tanks, if that is what you are using. Buckets are used by all for a reason.

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Right now I have half of a divided 29 gallon tank to use for this purpose, and no place indoors for using a 5 gallon bucket. If I could raise them outside in the heat, I could use buckets, but I understand that maybe that is not best. The sediment on the bottom is green, so am thinking it is phyto. I am harvesting 2 gallons of rotifers every day out of the 8 gallons of water, stirring it first so as to remove some of the detritus each time. I have 3 rigid airline tubes bubbling at the bottom. I have been stirring it several times a day to get the phyto back in suspension. I guess a small powerhead is out of the question? Thanks for the feedback!