Phosphate Reduction (with no nitrates) through Vodka dosing?


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Hello DFWMAS!My name is Charlie, I am new to the forum so I am not exactly sure how to navigate previously discussed topics if my question has already been asked and answered. I have a 75 gallon and a crystal 30 sump that are over a year old now. I have been struggling with algae; most of the blooms have been new tank stuff. However, now I am fighting hair algae. My back panel looks like carpet and just about everything including my coral plugs have at least a dangle of it. I've been testing and I believe my issue is phosphate, combined with the fact that I upgraded my lights to 2 SB Reef 16s a few months ago. I have been running GFO but it doesn't appear to be helping much and I'd like to move away from using it in the future, if possible. I've done research on the redfield ratio but not sure how to correctly dose carbon and nitrogen for my system. So I read up on Melev's vodka dosing article and research and just started a vodka dosing regimen for my tank. But, without a detectable level of nitrogen, I am not sure if vodka (carbon) will help reduce phosphates. Prior to the vodka dosing, my levels are all as follows: Ammo: 0Nitrite: 0Nitrate: 0Phos: 0.25 ppmCal: 405 ppmAlk: 10Mag: 1195 ppm (I haven't tested since my last water change; all other levels are after that water change but before vodka dosing)Temp: 77.5 FpH: 8.2 Rather than testing a bunch of different methods, I thought I'd ask what actually works. Additionally, I think for my sanity it would be nice to run ULN system and have to dose where I am lacking. I have LPS and Zoas and just a few SPS but nothing that seriously branches; I'd rather make sure my tank can grow LPS like weeds before investing in any branching SPS. I appreciate questions! I know it'll help me learn. Sincerely, Charlie 
Hi Charlie, Welcome!You might want to check out Marc's other article for lowering your phosphates and getting rid of the hair algae.[] I was in the same boat for awhile and used PhosphateRX along with beefing up my cleanup crew with good success. I am now using the Red Sea NO3:pO4-X NITRATE & PHOSPHATE REDUCER to keep everything in check. Currently I am dosing 3 ML/day in my 110 gallon for ULN.Not using any biopellets or bricks anymore.