:O Garage Sale & Independence Day Blow-out Sale! :O

View attachment 2023This coming Saturday (July 1st), we will be hosting our quarterly garage sale where you can find used fish equipment at an amazing price!In conjunction with our Garage Sale, we will also be having an Independence Day Blow-Out Sale on July 1st, 3rd, and 4th!The Independence Day Blow-out sale is as follows:Freshwater Sales:-African cichlids-Buy 3, get 3 free**Of equal or lesser value[-All other freshwater fish 25% off!-Live plants 40% off!]Saltwater Sales:-20% off all saltwater fish and coral!-40% Off Live Rock-R.O. water free with saltwater purchase!-Buy 1 coral frag, get one frag for free**Of equal or lesser valueSales are for in-stock items only!View attachment 2024