No Telling what you will get at Petco

A little while back I was purchasing some snails at the WF Petco. I got a few different kinds and 5 were supposed to be cerith.
I did not look at them until I got home. I got 4 cerith and a small turbo snail.
Yesterday I attempted to buy 5 Bumble Bee snails. I looked at them yep 5 Bumble bee snail shells.
After acclimation I put them in the quarantine tank a short while later I noticed one of them had legs.
It appears to be a Zebra Hermit crab.
Very small and hard to tell exactly but I think that is what it is.
Wonder what I would have gotten if I had tried to get 10 of them. They had a bunch of them.
Maybe I would have gotten some leather coral and the carpet anemone they had.
I guess I will have too look very closely from now on. If they did not look close enough to tell one was a crab I could have gotten 5 empty shells.

How is everyone doing?
I got a Rose Bubble Tip Anemone 3 moths ago. It is doing well.
Yes, you do need to look very carefully. I didnt get animals from petco personally (just a me thing), but did stop once in a while to see what they had, usually unfortunately to find animals struggling and diseased. Just a tip, in case you dont know:

At that store, the saltwater tanks all share the water on one row, so bottom, middle, top with the sump at the bottom. So if you see something detrimental between the three tanks, just know that water is cycling through the tank your looking at within the row. With my tank at the time, it was just a risk i couldnt take i guess, and i didnt have a quaranting tank unfortunately so was extremely careful where i got animals from. To be honest i dealt more with local folks like me and you than stores. Wish you the best, -G