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Okay so i am brand new to growing phyto... I have read and watched pretty much every video I could find on youtube. I am starting my first batch now and have a few questions from the more experienced members if anyone has time to answer. First I ordered two of the disks from Florida Aqua Farm as the article instructed and a bottle of the f2. I also bought two glass 1 gallon jars withs spigots from walmart and other the other required pumps, hose etc.Link to jars: since I am using 1 gallon jars is the single disk okay? I am using the 2ml f2 per gallon as recommended. Second I did buy 2 of the 1 gallon glass jars but I really dont need that much phyto, is there any issue with only growing one culture bottle/jar v/ 2 and when i split just keep growing in my large jar. I assume the risk here is if the culture crashes I need to start over. I did buy a second disk so I will have it on hand if it last a while in storage.The article said to stop growing when its no longer getting any greener, any pointers how to tell other than color? I am sure after a few days I will figure this out.My last question is I travel quite a bit for work and often for 2-3 weeks at a time. The phyto is to much to ask my tank sitter to cover so while I gone for longer trips is there any way to save the culture or should I just plan to start over when I return with a new disk.Anyhow thanks very much for everyone help.Shane
I started mine with a single disk  with close to same amount of water and worked for me to get started, so you should be good. I still have my other stored, probably gonna start mine back up soon.You can just use the one jar, I am probably gonna go that route also as I was producing a lot more than I needed. When you split, put what you took out into the fridge and discard any old each time to keep your refrigerated bottle of phyto topped off each time.I was splitting mine every weekend (7 days) as long as it keeps getting darker.Well you are supposed to stir it once a day. You could get one of these and put it on a timer once a day :)Magnetic stirrer - INTLLAB - Link: am not sure if it would last 3 weeks but maybe 2. I have never let it go that long before. Someone else might have gone that long and can chime in. Just might need you sitter to add more of the f2 once a week like feeding the fish.
Hey Chris,Thanks for the feedback I will see how this goes. I do like the idea of a magnetic stirrer even if for my weekly batches so I can be a little bit more lazy and try to only touch it once a week when its ready. Let me see about ordering one of those! Thanks!
This is what i ended up with, nothing fancy but if it works it will be nice not to keep paying for phyto. The "silent" air pump i bought is pretty loud so ill be looking to replace it soon but otherwise everything seems to be goingView attachment 5370
well lesson learned, the container i picked with the metal lid rusted so ill be throwing this batch out to be safe. Other wise it turned out great so it was a good practice run. This weekend ill start a new batch in a different container.View attachment 5492
I use these and work great. Can put a bulkhead in for acrylic hard tube. use the same setup for my dosing containers.
/> like it came out nice and dark, good job! 
Here's my phyto set-up:View attachment 6090[It's more of a hunter green -- the photo made it look brighter than it actually is]My sister-in-law had a florescent light start a fire in her kitchen so I went with those under-cabinet LED lights from Home Depot (the set you can adjust to high-medium-low and leave them on high).  I had 2 sets of lights on it but it was cooking faster than I could use it so I just use the one set.I stir it 4 - 6 times a day.  Was checking out that magnetic stirrer -- never thought of that -- but it's not a big deal to me to stir it a few times a day.