New fish and Coral @ Saltwater Paradise

We received 2 NICE CORAL shipments( OUR TANKS ARE FULL OF NEW CORALS) plus a shipment with some NICE fish as well.6" MAXIMA CLAMSEightline Wrasse[FoxfaceFiji FoxfaceNaso TangWhite Tail Kole TangREGAL TANG Tomini TangAtlantic Blue TangSailfin TangScopus TangDESJARDINI TANGYellow tangChocolate TangYELLOW EYE KOLE TANGPowder Brown TangFancy Snowflake ClownBlack Snowflake Clownpicasso clownflurry clownlightning maroon clownblack and white clownMaroon ClownLightning Maroon ClownGold Nugget ClownSTORM CLOWNCoral BeautyPygmy AngelQueen AngelHalf Black AngelFlame AngelDiamond GobyDragon GobyYellow Watchman GobyMandarin GobyFrilly HawkLongnose HawkMidas BlennyScooter BlennyValentini PufferPurple DottyBicolor DottyRed Cap DottyGreen FilefishHumma TriggerBlue Jaw Trigger PairNiger TriggerLyretail AnthiasDUSKY JAWFISHMarine BettaVolitan Lionfish]Plus ALOT of other awesome fish and coral in stock today @Saltwater Paradise1313 W Airport FrwyIrving 75062972-893-1511