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[YouTube-Being Frank! ]Hey! Frank has lots of videos that he is editing to put up on my YouTube channel that will benefit YOU...the reefer! Join the channel by either clicking on the banner above or simply by clicking on this link:
Finally, he will be able to pursue the channel as once promised! Please join him! You will not regret it!!
[New Fish and some inverts arriving today! ]The Leopard Wrasse is a desirable fish for any reefer! Absolute beauty in a saltwater fish that no one could resist. Publications say that this wrasse is for experts only. But in the business of saltwater, there really aren't any experts. Sometimes we are just lucky to have what we want. They would only allow me to buy 2 of these and I don't suppose they will last at just $89.99 for their sizes!
***[Trochus Snails ]Here is an algae eater that can upright itself when it turns upside down! These always go FAST so rush on over and get you some of these algae eaters!!!
***[Zebra Turbo Snail ]These Zebras come from Belize and adapt well to the temperature in our reef tanks. Like their Mexican counterparts, they eat tons of algae but tend tolive longer than other larger snails. These aren't as available as are Mexican Turbos so come get ya some!
***[Large Figi Pajama Cardinals ]Big Beauties from Fiji. Larger than the ones we usually sell, but every bit as pretty!
***[The Golden Midas Blenny ]From Africa, this fish is a golden beauty with a ton of personality! It doesn't swim for long swims it's way to where its going and then just perches on your rocks. I love this fish!
***[Foxface Rabbitfish ]Yea....these babies that were once a fish that was readily available is far less available now! They are about $35 MORE than they used to be but if you are looking for a great looking fish or a fish that plows at algae, then this is your guy!This baby will eat his additional cost in algae and make himself a great addition to the tank!See those dorsal fins????? Don't let him stick ya!!!!!!!!!!!
***[Emerald Crabs ]Algae???? Did you say algae????Not sure how many of you saw the algae that started in my 450 in the back of the store when I restarted it. Oh, a brotha had some algae! The only thing I hate is that I didn't do a BEFORE and AFTER shot before and after I added the emerald crabs. Well, If you think brother Frank did all that work, you've got another thang coming!!! Yea I said THANG! lolFriday and Saturday, my emeralds will sell for just $6.99.
***[Did I mention my Youtube channel??? ]Please subscribe at:
I would appreciate it and I think that you will enjoy it too!
***[F-Aiptasia ]Got aiptasia? Try Frank's Aquarium Products F-Aiptasia! It comes in both a 1oz and a 2oz bottle. Although I do sell it on my own store site, I'd prefer that you gave a store the business as we are in many stores around the country and in many stores in other countries. If a store near you doesn't sell it, please have them contact me so that I can point them in the direction of a distributor! I would sincerely thank you for that!They can email me
I am coming out with another video that better describes exactly how to use this product! Although some have gotten results when using it incorrectly, that only happens sometimes. I want you to get the right results all the time and it's so important that you follow the directions to a tee!
Oh, it's about to be NEW AND IMPROVED!!!!
Got other nuisances in your tank?? F- Aiptasia will kill those too! We almost called it F-EVERYTHING! (lol)
But seriously....try F-Aiptasia on anything you don't want in your tank and I seriously would appreciate the help in spreading the word about my product! Thank you all so much!
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