Need help with my Acans


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I need some advice on keeping my Acans healthy. I've never had much luck and they always retract back and eventually die. I bought five nice-looking frag's at the recent coral show. They were nice and plump in the display tank. I brought them home and they all retracted back although they are still alive. I have them on Frag rack just above the sand.I have two Radions in my 140 gallon. Water parameters are 1.024, Alk 8, nitrate and phosphate are zero. Calcium around 430 and magnesium 1200. I'm uncertain as to optimal placement in the tank regarding light exposure or other potential solutions.
Make sure they're not getting too much flow. Also, it would be nice to know your PAR values near the sand bed. You should sign up to borrow one of the club PAR meters.


Do you target feed the acans anything?
I have several acans that were in my 180g with Hydra 52 lights. They recessed as well. I ended up moving them to the 30g tank that was attached to the 180. The MP10 is at about 50% and I have a kessil 360 over the 30g. They are thriving. The parameters are obviously the same since the 2 tanks are plumbed together, the only things different is the flow and lights. My guess that the lights made more difference than the flow.
I have found they like light flow and lower light. I also have a nutrient rich tank, as I have many filter feeders. My acans are growing like crazy. My salinity is at 1.026, and they do tend to shrink as my water evaporates, but open back up when my ATO replaces the water.
What % are you running you lights at and how high are your whites? These lights can produce a ton of par, so you have to be careful not to overdo the lighting.