Need help building my 10,000 gal reef in Prosper

This is amazing, I was not aware of this post, thanks to @melev last Saturday Livestream he mention this project, I would love to stop by one of these days I live in Plano so not that far I might be able to help well as much as I can, I just maintain a system that is 1.2% of your system.
Thanks Raul. I’m glad for any help I can get. The plumbing is done and I’m in the pressure testing now. I’ve passed all city inspections and the cleanup crew should be starting the yard fix tomorrow.
the next big step is the reef plumbing seal and then the epoxy for the pool and reef. That’s going to be a big deal!
PS me if you’d like to come by.
sure. We finished the plumbing epoxy seal on the sump side. Still need to do the reef side.
lately I’ve been a little preoccupied with the yard drainage and concrete deck. It rained on pour day so the drainage isn’t right… can’t have rainwater running into the reef or salt water slashing into the yard… :)
I’ll post some pics and always looking for help.
Big sanding and painting job coming up
Navigating through a solo project can be challenging, especially with intricate tasks like geothermal pipe installation and concrete work. Collaborating with a friend's occasional assistance is beneficial, yet time-consuming. Completing each step meticulously is crucial for project success. If additional help is welcome, count me in!

I’ve been trying to solo this project and got one friend who can help for a few hours a week. It’s tough and it’s taking a long time.
Just building the 720’ of geothermal pipes has taken a week of near continuous pvc gluing.
The concrete and rebar stages are going to be rough too. :)

if you’d like to help, please let me know.