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ID please.
That is what I thought but was not sure. They grow very well in my system. I have a large rock entirely covered. Wish I could get more color out of them. I have them under 14k mh.
Missed the mouth the first time. I'm used to seeing yumas look more spread out, but I agree that it is based on the mouth. For some reason I can't edit my above post.
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For some reason I can't edit my above post. said:
You can only edit a post for a set amount of time after you submit it. I don't recall exactly how long it is but I"m going to guess something like 10-15 minutes at most.
Yuma mouth has the little bumps actually on it where as with the florida the bumps go up to the mouth but the mouth itself is smooth and bumpless.
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What is the difference between yuma vs flordia mouth? Any suggestions how to get more color from them? said:
Run more blue lights for better colors.

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It looks like you could use some blue lights to really bring out there color. Maybe try adding some blue leds

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