Mh for a 55 gal - What do i do?!



[Hi im wondering what type of MH I SHOULD get for my tank, like what wattage and type? My tank is a 55 gal 36x21x16 i think if not its 36x16x21 ...... Well thanks for the help!

[If you decide on 175 watt, I have a ballast and a Ushio 10k bulb that has only been used a few months. You'd just need a spiderlight or something similar.]
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Yeah, what Brad said.

For soft corals, you would go with lower wattage, like a couple of 175w fixtures or even VHO or PC. For SPS, it's a little more difficult. I used to like the 5w/gallon measure, but in your case it doesn't work. 275watts isn't enough for SPS IMO for a 36" long tank. Even a 400W lights about two foot width x 2 foot depth. You don't need a 400 because you don't need that much depth.

I can't give you an opinion on whether 250's or 175's are gonna give you enough intensity for SPS. I only use 400's for other reasons (space related). But two 250's might do ya.]
[I have decided, i will keep sps and some clams MAYBE lol, i have decided on getting Dual 150's and supplimenting with 2 24' VHO uri actinics (03?) Hows that sound?

Thanks for all replies so fast!
[Sounds good. (And to answer your other question, Barry is the webmaster and keeper of the board :D )]
[If I was spending the money for 150's, I would seriously consider going right to the 250's because I bet you step up the tank size when you get the sps and clams cooking. :laugh:
The price difference isn't that great and you get a lot more watts for the dollar.