Make your own top-down camera tube


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 Hey all,I built this little thing probably a year ago, a few people thought it was cool so I thought I would post how to make it. Stuff you'll needPVC coupler - - Home Depot/Lowes. I used 3" but most commercial size are 4".Acrylic discs - PVC cement - Home Depot/Lowes. If you want to add screws to attach to the camera lens to the tube (which I did) you'll need a tap which can be had from Amazon, Home Depot or Lowes. If possible, I'd go to Elliot's Hardware (or your local equivalent). The amount of knowledge and just useful bits your local hardware store is incredible. Elliot's, for example, has a ton of Nylon screws IN STOCK.I would suggest the following order to construct your new top-down tube:1. Order acrylic disc.2. Take acrylic disc to Home Depot/Lowes and pick appropriate size coupler.3. Put a light coating of the clear PVC cement around the lip of the PVC coupler. Basicaly run the little brush from the cement can around the edge. you want it to be thick enough that when you add the disc it will spread out some.4. Place the disc on top and apply a light amount of pressure. Don't twist it.5. Wait a couple of hours, test for leaks. If you have a leak, you can apply a small amount of the cement around the edges again and see if that will get it.This is what my final product looked like.