Lots of NEW fish and Coral @ Saltwater Paradise

We received a NICE CORAL shipments( OUR TANKS ARE FULL OF NEW CORALS) plus a shipment with some NICE fish as well.6" MAXIMA CLAMSBlack Widow Rose AnemoneRose AnemoneGreen Bubble AnemoneSunburst Rose AnemoneSebae AnemoneL.T. AnemoneEightline WrasseAsst Fairy WrasseMagnificent FoxfaceFoxfaceFiji FoxfaceNaso TangKole TangREGAL TANG Sailfin TangScopus TangDESJARDINI TANGYellow tangUnicorn TangTomini TangPowder Blue TangFancy Snowflake ClownBlack Snowflake Clownpicasso clownflurry clownlightning maroon clownblack and white clownMaroon ClownCoral BeautyFlame AngelFlameback AngelHalf Black AngelDiamond GobyDragon GobyBELLA GobyPink Spot Watchman GobyGreen Clown GobyYellow Watchman GobyMandarin GobyRED MANDRIN GOBYLongnose HawkFlame Tail BlennyMolly Miller BlennyMidas BlennyTail Spot BlennyScooter BlennyRuby Red Scooter BlennyValentini PufferPorcupine PufferPurple DottyRed Cap DottyP J CardinalBanngai CardinalGreen FilefishHumma TriggerBlue Jaw Trigger MaleNiger TriggerPink Tail TriggerLyretail AnthiasDUSKY JAWFISHAUSSIE HARLIQUEN TUSKPlus ALOT of other awesome fish and coral in stock today @Saltwater Paradise1313 W Airport FrwyIrving 75062972-893-1511
[Saltwater Paradise New Hours and New Location (slightly) ]
Still: 1313 W Airport Freeway  Irving TX 75062 Same building but BACK of building (closer to parking lot) and now MORE SPACE!  new: Suite 120 Tip: walk in door with large "FRESHWATER" sign even if thinking corals and saltwater fish (lots of both!)
Hours: Mon-Saturday Noon-7pmSunday Noon-4pm
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