Local Acrylic work

My Glass aquarium only has two 2" bulk heads in the back wall. One is in the middle of the tank near the bottom, and I plan on using that as a closed loop.

The other is in the top corner. I'd like to use this as the drain for the sump, but there currently isn't any over flow box. Initially, I thought about just using an up-turned 90* elbow, but I'm thinking that will be pretty loud.

My plan is to build/have built a 3-sided box so that I can turn the 90* elbow downwards and let the overflow manage the tank height. I can setup a simple Durso T on the outside of the tank to try to help reduce the noise. I know this won't have a backup in the event the drain clogs, but I plan on having a float valve in the overflow going to my controller so that I can kill power to the main return pump and email me in the event the water gets to high in the overflow/tank.

Anyone know someone local to the NE Dallas area where I can either buy the acrylic pre-cut or even have the 3 sides assembled? I'm pretty sure I can silicone it to the tank myself.