LED lighting

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I have a 400 gallon that I am wanting to change out my lights to all LED. I have done a lot of research, however I wanted some suggestions on what is the best lights for my tank. It is 30” deep, and I would like for all types of corral to thrive. Can you please share your experience on what you think is the best lighting without going bankrupt... haha
Thank you for your help!!!


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If you're wanting top of the line functionality, Ecotech Radions. If you're wanting something that will work but doesn't have as much of the nicer features than one of the blackbox variants should work. I use Viparspectra personally. 
If you're handy, you could also build a custom LED option. You don't really save vs. the blackbox but you could add in some additional features. The folks over at Steve's LEDs are pretty good if you go that route. 
I recommend you to buy Brite LED Lighting and Bulb America, these are worth buying and really help us to save energy, I also use LED lights because these are High brightness and intensity with low radiated heat. I bought mine from Reecoupons because there, these are available in a quite decent rate. If you are still interested to buy check once on there.