Jan 21 Club Gathering - Specials at Coral Station LFS (public thread)

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Our first 2023 club 'Saturday Gathering' will be Jan 21st. 'Gatherings' are different days than 'Meetings' based on 2022 feedback.
  • Club 'Saturday Gathering'
  • Saturday Jan 21
  • Noon until 1pm
  • new LFS The Coral Station
  • 4901 Keller Springs Rd Ste 104
  • Addison TX 75001
FREE RAFFLE at 1pm featuring donations of EasyReef DKI Marine, Piscene Energetics Marine PE Pellets and a coral by The Coral Station!

During NOON UNTIL 1PM HOUR of 'GATHERING' new LFS The Coral Station is offering Premium Members*:
  • All CORAL will be 15% off!!
  • All FROZEN FOOD will be 25% off
  • All REEF NUTRITION products will be 25% off
* be sure you can bring up your DFWMAS Premium membership card in digital wallet or bring your PayPal receipt​

Free members can upgrade to Premium DFWMAS membership at:

EasyReef DKI Marine.jpgPiscine Energetics PE Mysis Pellets.jpgThe Coral Station logo from FB banner.jpg
@TheCoralStation FYI - It will be our first!
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We cannot wait to see all the new faces and support this fantastic group! We’re honored to be the first!
We’ll have tons of specials, snacks and drinks and some free raffle prizes!

See everyone on the 21st!
This exceeded my expectations by TONS! WOW! GREAT seeing EVERYONE! Loved meeting new people, sharing tips, reconnecting with old friends.

Thank you Jason ( @TheCoralStation ) for helping giveaways! Thank you Rebecca (club) for helping capture video for YouTube:

Thank you to Lisa and all of the DFWMAS group for coming out, supporting our new store, and having a ton of fun. We can’t wait to host more events in the future. It was a pleasure meeting so many new people. Hope to see some familiar faces in the shop again soon :)