Jan 20 Gathering and Giveaways at Salgado Exotics (public thread)

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January 20th Club Gathering - Salgado Exotics LFS

Our January club 'Saturday Gathering' will be January 20th. 'Gatherings' are different days than 'Meetings' based on 2022 feedback, and seemed to work well in 2023.
  • Club 'Saturday Gathering and Giveaways'
  • Saturday January 20th
  • time 4-5pm
  • Salgado Exotics NEW NAME (LFS)
  • 1900 Oates Drive Mesquite TX 75150 NEW LOCATION
FREE RAFFLE at 5pm featuring multiple product donations!! SAVE THE DATE!!
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Time confirmed with Cynthia - club will be there 4-5pm with raffle at 5pm!! NEW NAME and NEW LOCATION - go to Mesquite!

New logo:
Salgado Exotics logo 2023-December.png