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Can anyone tell me what this is? It is spreading all over my rock work. What is best way to remove? Thanks in advance.

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They kinda look like yellow star polyps. When did they appear, how fast are they spreading?
My parameters were off for a little while(tank neglect), but have leveled off now. They have been in my tank for a month or two, but have really spread in the last two weeks. They are all over my rocks. Look like small colorless zoas. Sorry for the pic pump was on so it made it tougher to see.
If they are, then the best approach would be to remove the rock from the DT and manually remove them with a scalpel. Just be sure to wear gloves, eye protection etc. I would recommend doing it outdoors. I wouldn't try trying to remove them in the tank. They can release a lot of toxins that can be very harmful to your system and inhabitants.
SP thanks. After using the old google, I think you are correct. They look like colonial hydroids. Thanks for the post. Now I have to get rid of them.
I've got some of these colonial hydroids also. Bwig333, what have you been doing for them? Google tells me a laser should work. I can't remove my rocks so a laser might be my best shot.
I haven't really been successful at removing them yet. What kind of laser? I also cannot remove my rock(at least without a bunch of work).